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Career Growth Now Workshops

An ongoing series teaching you specific frameworks of my career strategy that you can use immediately to advance your career.

How to Leverage Your Story and Ace Interviews

How to Leverage Your Story to Ace Interviews is a 2 hour workshop designed to help you understand how to position yourself for different roles regardless of your background so you can show up as your full self. We’ll connect the concepts so that you can own your interviews.


What We'll Cover in the Workshop

  • Owning Your Story - Connect the dots in your professional story to help you confidently share about your career while demonstrating how you can use all of your skills and experience as an asset to teams and companies, regardless of whether or not you’ve had a similar role or are moving to a new industry.

  • Acing the Interview - Show up confidently to your interviews. Learn how to prepare for each stage of the interview process, how to answer hard questions, and get the information you need to make the right career move. Develop a strategy to not only ace interviews, but also increase your chances of moving along in the interview process and receiving an offer to lock in the role.

  • Q&A - Each portion of the workshop will have time dedicated for questions on the concepts shared.


Interview Guide & Workbook

Upon registering, you’ll receive the Interview Guide – a 45 page workbook I’ve put together to guide you through preparing for and progressing through the interview process. Complete with templates and fresh approaches, it's made for you to begin using immediately and reference over and over agin. During the workshop, Vernée will walk through a few exercises in the workbook and show you how you can use it to maximize your interview process.

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