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Vision Activation

Vision Activation is a signature coaching offering designed to help you go deep in transforming your life as we flesh out your goals and dreams. Together we’ll peel back old beliefs to connect with your why, discover your desires, and shape your future from an authentic place. 

Have you ever been here?

Days, months, and even years are passing by and, while your life looks successful from the outside, you find yourself questioning whether you’re on the right path. You worked hard for the life you have now, but can’t help but feeling like the dream life you were pursuing has turned into the very rat race you desperately tried to escape. 

Or perhaps you’ve never had an idea of what your future looks like or been able to make sense of your big picture goals. You’re not motivated or excited by anything and, even though you desperately want your life to be different, you’re not sure how to get started or get frustrated when you lose interest in a new goal and end up right where you began.

Where is this all headed and what is the meaning? What’s next? How (and when) does it all come together and start to make sense?

You need a collaborative co-creator helping guide you in designing your future and making progress towards your goals.

Vision Activation is for you if you're...

  • tired of repeating the same old story day after day

  • craving change and a new perspective on life

  • ready to step into your power and the next level of life that's in store for you

Clarify Your Future

Activate an Inspired Future

Pivot Intentionally

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Lifestyle Design Foundations

Lifestyle Design Foundations is a digital workbook where our learnings are recorded for you to reference later on. We'll work together to activate a new mindset, create fresh habits, and break through limiting beliefs. Let's fine tune your future to a life you wake up excited about and bring your dreams to life.

Gain Clarity & Reimagine Your Future

What It's Like to Work with Vernée

Twyla Adkins, PMP

I LOVED my Vision Activation session! Vernée provided thought provoking questions that I found myself thinking about days later. After our session, I began re-evaluating some aspects of my life. I particularly liked when we discussed how I spent my time and how it aligned with my perceived priorities. Vernée held space for me to process things and our session was genuinely insightful. I would 100% recommend this session, whether you know there's an area of your life you want to improve or if you just want to ensure that you're living an intentional life designed with you in mind.


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