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Lifestyle Design

Empowering multipassionate creatives to discover their desires, clear anxiety around their future, and surpass their goals

Dream Big, Be Bold

Hey love! I'm so excited to meet you here :) Here is where we begin, right in this moment. 

What are you looking forward to? What possibilities keep you up at night?

I want to know them all (yes—ALL of them!) and then help you make a plan to bring them to life.


My goal is to help you find inspiration within yourself and your desires—to come alive with the joy for the vision you have for your life—and to create a plan of action to bring them to life. 

One of the first steps is recognizing that we have these dreams and really stepping into them. Too often we're told to be practical, be happy with what we have, or rehearse a story about why we should stay small.

It can be easy to choose to sit things out--to not give it a shot or truly go for it. There's also so much more that's possible if we give it a shot. The minute that you decide to go for it is magic.

But with a dream comes responsibility--will you go for it or settle for what might be?

Let's create a life that you're absolutely in love with.


"This session was so eye opening me. After getting a one on one with Vernée not only did it help clear my mind but it made me realize that I always knew what I wanted just never accept it."

What is Lifestyle Design?

Lifestyle Design is an intentional approach to living that aligns your values, desires, and goals to create your ideal future. 

1:1 Coaching

Vision Activation

90-minute Session

Whether you’re feeling anxious or unsure about the future or are at the crossroads of a major life decision, this session is designed to help you gain  clarity and confidently take the next step.

Embody Your Power

3 Month Container

Embody Your Power is a signature coaching offering designed to help you go deep in transforming your life as we flesh out a long-term plan for realizing your goals and dreams.

Vision Intensive


This hyper-focused session is designed to not only help you think about your future and the possibilities in new ways, but also create an actionable plan, providing you with tools you need to accelerate your success.

Book a Discovery Call

Whether you want to get a taste for coaching, find out more about which coaching offering is right for you or or just meet Vernée  you're welcome to book a free call with me. 

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