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Coaching & Consultation

Personal sessions to help you realize your goals that much sooner.

Career Strategy Consultation

Go further, faster with a one hour session of laser focused attention on your career, including a follow up email with tailored recommendations for your next best steps.


Vision Activation

1:1 Coaching Session

Whether you’re feeling anxious or unsure about the future or are at the crossroads of a major life decision, this session is designed to help you gain clarity and confidently take the next step. Vision Activation is a signature coaching offering designed to help you go deep in transforming your life as we flesh out a long-term plan for realizing your goals and dreams. 


Embody Your Power

3 Month Coaching Package

This Lifestyle Design package is created to provide guidance and accountability for your next best self. Reimagine the possibilities for your future while creating an actionable plan to create success on your terms.

What It's Like to Work with Vernée

Victoria Skye.jpeg
Working with Vernee was super clarifying and expansive for me! She guided me through a process that helped me break down what my values were and what the life I desire *actually* looks and feels like in all areas. By the end of our first session, I had a clear, holistic picture of the lifestyle I am moving towards, which gave me the motivation to start taking action! Vernée has a way of holding a strong container for you, which helped to order my scattered thoughts and ideas. I would absolutely recommend Vernée to anyone looking to uplevel their lifestyle and manifest the life they dream about!


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