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Lifestyle Design Coaching

Empowering multipassionate creatives to discover their desires, clear anxiety around their future, and surpass their goals

Vision Activation

90-minute Session

Whether you’re feeling anxious or unsure about the future or are at the crossroads of a major life decision, this session is designed to help you gain  clarity and confidently take the next step.

Embody Your Power

3 Month Container

Embody Your Power is a signature coaching offering of 6 sessions designed to help you go deep in transforming your life as we flesh out a long-term plan for realizing your goals and dreams.

Vision Intensive


This hyper-focused session is designed to not only help you think about your future and the possibilities in new ways, but also create an actionable plan, providing you with tools you need to accelerate your success.

Victoria Skye

Victoria Skye.jpeg

Working with Vernee was super clarifying and expansive for me! She guided me through a process that helped me break down what my values were and what the life I desire *actually* looks and feels like in all areas. By the end of our first session, I had a clear, holistic picture of the lifestyle I am moving towards, which gave me the motivation to start taking action! Vernée has a way of holding a strong container for you, which helped to order my scattered thoughts and ideas. I would absolutely recommend Vernée to anyone looking to uplevel their lifestyle and manifest the life they dream about!

6 Sessios

Embody Your Power

live the life you desire

Have you ever been here?

Days, months, and even years are passing by and, while your life looks successful from the outside, you find yourself questioning whether you’re on the right path. You worked hard for the life you have now, but can’t help but feeling like the dream life you were pursuing has turned into the very rat race you desperately tried to escape. 

Or perhaps you’ve never had an idea of what your future looks like or been able to make sense of your big picture goals. You’re not motivated or excited by anything and, even though you desperately want your life to be different, you’re not sure how to get started or get frustrated when you lose interest in a new goal and end up right where you started

Where is this all headed and what is the meaning? What’s next? How (and when) does it all come together and start to make sense?

You need a collaborative co-creator helping guide you in designing your future and making progress towards your goals.

Embody Your Power is a signature coaching offering designed to help you go deep in transforming your life as we flesh out a long-term plan for realizing your goals and dreams. Together, over the course of three months, we’ll peel back old beliefs to connect with your why, discover your desires, and shape your future from an authentic place.

Embody Your Power is for you if you're...

  • tired of repeating the same old story day after day

  • craving change and a new perspective on life

  • ready to step into your power and the next level  of life that's in store for you


Over the course of three months (six 90-minute biweekly sessions) we'll work together to activate a new mindset, create fresh habits, and break through limiting beliefs. As you begin to see your dreams manifest before you, we’ll fine tune your future to a life you wake up excited about. 



Challenge What's Possible

Activate an Inspired Future

Guidance & Accountability


This session was so eye opening me to. I came into it not knowing what I wanted and constantly going back and forth on what was right for me. After getting a one on one with Vernée not only did it help clear my mind but it made me realize that I always knew what I wanted just never accept it. You definitely come out of this with a different perspective which I love because you're not stuck in your ways. I'm extremely satisfied with this session and recommend it to anyone needing a little guidance and clarification.

Beatriz Loya
Twyla Adkins, PMP.png

Twyla Adkins, PMP

I LOVED my Lifestyle Design session! Vernée provided thought provoking questions that I found myself thinking about days later. After our session, I began re-evaluating some aspects of my life. I particularly liked when we discussed how I spent my time and how it aligned with my perceived priorities. Vernée held space for me to process things and our session was genuinely insightful. I would 100% recommend this session, whether you know there's an area of your life you want to improve or if you just want to ensure that you're living an intentional life designed with you in mind.

Lifestyle Design Foundations

Coaching Designed for You

Coaching includes your own personalized Lifestyle Design Foundations workbook that

not only includes notes from our session for you to reference, but also exercises and journal prompts for you to go deeper on your own time. The workbook is made up of modules I've developed to shape our conversation during the session, allowing us to have a focused and expansive conversation. Usually, I'll capture  notes and insights and you writing as well—it all depends on how YOU like to learn best. Sessions are designed to be customized to your learning style and needs to make sure you get the most out of it.

Angelica Maria

In a word full of chaos and distraction, Vernee offers you the most valuable virtue we are all lacking- clarity. Clarity of your present, your past and the future you want. Weaved together with values of intentional living and soul based planning, Vernee allows us to imagine a wholistic future for the highest version of ourselves. Do your future self a favor, and book a session!

Screenshot (94) - Angélica María Aguilera.png

Vision Activation

confident clarity, inspired direction

1 Session

Save months (or years) upfront by making sense of where you are in life and refining the vision for your future.

Whether you’re feeling anxious or unsure about the future or are at the crossroads of a major life decision, this 90-minute session is designed to help you gain clarity and feel more confident about the future. Together we’ll explore your goals and desires to organize your thoughts into a clearer vision of an aligned future and while setting action steps to make it happen. Gain confidence in yourself and be empowered to confidently take the next step. 




Your Future


Your Desire

Make an

Action Plan

Elena Cornwell


Vernèe guided me through my own thoughts about the future, my goals, dreams, and how to turn my daily muddling into actionable steps. Thinking about the future can be very scary and overwhelming, but Vernèe gave just enough support that I could think through things while feeling empowered, supported, and like my dreams were legitimate and achievable. I've already recommended a session to multiple friends, as I think almost anyone could benefit from some focused time on their present and future dreams. We deserve it!


Mo Swailem.png

Before the session I felt lost and confused about being true to myself. After my session I started to feel empowered in my self belief and start to have a sense of direction.

Radiris Diaz.jpg

Radiris Diaz

Working with Vernée was everything I didn't know I needed. Her Lifestyle Design framework provided the foundation to have a collaborative one on one experience, that felt more like a conversation with a bestfriend than formal coaching. Her simplistic, yet thought provoking, approach left me with a better understanding of what my true values are, how I envision myself now and in the future and ways of bridging any gaps. The journal/mind prompts were so impactful, I find myself referring to the workbook often and reevaluating my responses. The timing was divine as well, as I was embarking on massive change in my life. Vernée is extremely knowledgeable, compassionate, empathetic and a phenomenal facilitator. We had a 2 hour session that flew by, but somehow we went through the whole workbook, despite having many conversations outside of the workbook. I look forward to continuing to work with Vernée and allowing her to challenge my perspective on life and how I am designing it.

Vision Intensive

clear vision, immediate action


Challenge What's Possible

You’ve been successful overall and have the track record to show for it. But how do you take it to the next level? The VIP day is designed to challenge what you think is possible for yourself while supporting you in fleshing out your options.

We’ll spend the first half of the session getting clarity on desires, connecting with your why, and working through limiting beliefs. 


In the second half of the session, we collaborate on clarifying the details of what that look like for you specifically. For corporate baddies, this could be revamping your professional presence such as updating your resume, writing a professional bio, and/or refreshing your LinkedIn to position you for a new role. For creative entrepreneurs, I put my background as a producer, content strategist, and photographer for some of the top tech companies in the world to hone in on a deliverable of your choice that will catapult you to the next level.

This hyper-focused session is designed to not only help you think about your future and the possibilities in new ways, but also create an actionable plan, providing you with tools you need to accelerate your success. 



Take Massive


Pivot Successfully


the Future

Jimena Perea.jpeg


As an artist who’s not a natural planner and often feels overwhelmed by all the things she wants to accomplish but has no idea where to start, I found so refreshing and motivating the energy with which Vernee coached me through my goals and dreams. She managed to turn my big picture plans into actionable steps that made me feel a lot more confident, capable and grounded. She understands the balance between spirituality and practicality and it’s a beautiful combination. Also, just by being in her presence and hearing her speak gives you the motivation needed to believe in yourself again and get shit done. Couldn’t recommend her enough for anyone needing a little loving push forward and a clearer direction.

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