Vernée Norman

Vernée Norman is a creative producer and project manager with an entrepreneurial drive and passion for bridging cultural and social divides through empathetic storytelling. With a background in project management and marketing, her approach to producing is one of a detail-oriented creative leader who knows how to manage logistics, support and motivate teams, and does whatever it takes to successfully complete a project.

Traveling, working, and studying throughout the United States and 14 countries has provided her with sharp interpersonal and intercultural skills. In addition to English, she speaks Spanish, Portuguese, and is learning French. 

As an entrepreneur, she enjoys collaborating with stakeholders and creating innovative solutions to ensure that the highest quality of work is achieved while maintaining the integrity of work and her team. 

She seeks to build understanding through her work and follows three main ethos when creating:


  • Ethical Storytelling: Respect for people, their communities, and their story.

  • Strength & Beauty: Revealing people at their best, regardless of the circumstances.

  • Authenticity: Staying true to the story and bringing truth to light, even when it's uncomfortable.

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